I love helping, inspiring and encouraging others; whether that’s in my business or my personal life. I have always believed in community above competition and without some of the amazing photographers i’ve met and been inspired by in the industry there is no telling where I'd be!

Invest in yourself and your business 

  I've had times of struggle, of frustration, of wanting to give-up, of not knowing what my next move should be. I've been there.But, you know what I did when I felt that way? (other than cried a little...ok a lot) I decided to reach out to someone I admired within the industry and did a mentorship with them, I went to a workshop to help inspire me, or I took a course directly related to the problem I was facing. 

This community is here to support you. As am I. I promise I will pour everything I can into helping you. I am an open book with no off limit questions. So let's get this heart to heart started! 

Treat Yourself

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in person


A one-on-one mentor session based in Edmonton. 

We will spend our time talking over everything you want to know based on the questionnaire you filled out prior to our session. Afterwards we will go photograph a couple together. I'll show you how I direct, draw emotion - getting to the heart of the couple and their individual needs and vibe. 



Online Zoom session. Fully customizable chat where we can talk workflow, editing, business, marketing, or anything else you want to discuss! 

Fill out the form and tell me how I can help you! We'll schedule this coffee date and get to chatting and making your business blossom. 

"I highly recommend her for anyone who feels a little stuck in their business and who could use some advice."

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