Holding space for your beautifully intimate, unscripted journey

Mumma bear to a five-year-old little man, I understand and respect that birthing is an incredibly unique experience for every person. Some are dancing in excitement, some seem almost blasé, while some are clinging to their exercise ball and trying their hardest not to freak out. But one thing’s for sure, the unconditional love you have for your baby is utterly engulfing.

Aligning with my Enneagram 2w3 helper mindset, my passion for the birthing experience extends far beyond photography itself. I love working with women and their families through birth, and in another life, I likely would have become a midwife.

But unless I somehow magically morph into a cat with nine lives, you’ll be glad to hear that I’m also certified as a Holistic Doula with a Reiki level one. Always sensitive to your energy and the overall vibe in the room, I’ll be more than your chosen photographer, doing anything and everything to strengthen your birth support circle. Your trust means the world to me.

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Your Birth Photographer from Edmonton, Alberta

From initial inquiry through to the final delivery of your birth photos, you can bank on me pouring every ounce of my heart and energy into making sure you have the most memorable, stress-free experience possible. I’ll be on hand to listen, encourage and serve you throughout your entire journey.

Purposefully documenting those unfiltered moments, I humbly believe that I can help you create a safe space that celebrates the wonder of labour and birth. Yours for keeps, you and your partner will treasure these memories for times long past.

Empowering you and your partner to celebrate the poetry of life

Birth photography packages to capture the introduction of your forever

Tell me all about what you’re after, your needs and wants.

I want to capture what’s important for you and all the in-between magic.

We can customize a package to perfectly suit you and your partner, I’ve got you covered.


Your powerful journey retold through emotive art, starting from $1500

Every birth photography package will include:

HEAPS of pre-birth support
From birth prep advice to planning your session, you’ll get all the help you need from yours truly.

Complete coverage
You’ll have me on-call before your birth so I won’t miss a single second when you start going into labour. I’ll be there to cheer you on, covering the entire experience.

Sneak peeks within 48 hours
You’ll probably be in a post-baby, bleary-eyed daze but I’ll send you a couple of sneak peeks within 48 hours of our session.

400+ high-resolution images
Yeh, baby! Do a little happy dance because they’re finally ready for your viewing pleasure.

Online gallery
Grab a box of tissues (trust me), cuddle up with your partner and baby, you’re about to relive your powerful journey all over again.

Personal printing rights
You can print your favourite photos through me or find your own printer, your choice!

What it’s like to have me on your birth team

Simply fill out my contact form to inquire, with a quick rundown of what you’re after.

I’ll respond ASAP within 24-48 hours to organize our chat. I wanna hear all about your journey so far, your needs and wants! FaceTime, phone call or email, I’m down to brainstorm and answer all your questions.  

Want me on your birth team? It’d be my absolute honour! I’ll send over a contract for you to sign, and a 30% retainer will secure your booking. Yay, welcome to the family!

I’ll be on-call before your birth and when the time finally comes, you can count on me for support and coverage of your entire experience and the initial blissful moments after bub arrives.

You’ll receive a solid sneak peek gallery within 48 hours of your day and the final delivery within 8-10 weeks (or, fingers crossed, even sooner depending on how successful toddler nap time is and my workload).






Ever-supportive and calming, I’ll hold your hand through it all 

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"Carissa is so down to earth and made myself, my husband and our families feel comfortable and relaxed during the entire wedding. She captured our special day and became one of the family - She is worth every penny"

Tayler & Jordan

Maternity Session

Newborn Photography

Let’s capture your mama-to-be glow and explore your happy place

Celebrating your rosy bundle of joy, in all their squishy glory

Pregnancy is such a beautiful, sacred journey. This is about you and your partner holding on tight to each other as you embark on a whole new chapter of your lives - it’s going to be a wild adventure and trust me, you won’t change it for the world.
Showing off your baby bump, we can shoot your maternity session wherever you like...a cute picnic in the woods, loungin’ by the lake or snuggled up on the couch, you pick the happy place that’s reflective of both of you. Plus, if you’ve been feeling a tad ‘bleh’ (totally normal), this is the perfect excuse for some much-needed self-care, whether it’s a pampering makeover or shopping for your outfits together.
Be prepared for lots of fun, we’re going to make the most of this little time you have left together before ‘two becomes three’.

Wrapping their tiny fist tight around your finger, your heart bursts with tender love as you cradle your itsy-bitsy human. Sneaking in the zzz’s between the endless feeding, changing and cuddling, you know this lifelong journey’s just beginning.
Capturing your mini-me’s new arrival into your world, I’d love nothing more than to document this precious milestone for you. The twinkling star of the show, I’ll make sure your bub is 100% safe and comfortable throughout your newborn photography session. Allowing your little babe to take the lead, let’s celebrate your love and life together as a new family.
Sit back, relax and embrace these quiet, sentimental moments, and I’ll create mementos that you’ll cherish forever.


How do we know if we are good fit for each other?
Choosing a photographer is a big decision! There are so many factors to weigh and I know I'm not going to be for everyone and that's ok! And here's the sitch people, there is a lot of talk about having an 'ideal client' and you know what that means to me? Someone who respects me, trusts me and values me. I am here because you and your photos are my priority and you're here because hopefully you think I am a semi decent human, you like my style and wanna have fun while capturing an important day in your life! If this resonates with you - then HECK ya, we will be a good fit! 

Do you meet with people before booking? 
Typically, FaceTime, email and a phone call is how I communicate with the majority of my couples. If you would like to meet in person and share a coffee or a beer that can be absolutely arranged, however my schedule is usually based around the boss man AKA my Toddler. 

How long have you been photographing births for? 
7 years as a professional birth photographer! 

Where are you based? Do you travel? 
HECK YES I travel! I am local to Edmonton, Alberta but you can always find me in Banff, Jasper, Canmore and I am often in Victoria BC visiting family! 

Do you help us with the planning process?
Yes! I am here for you! If you need any recommendations or anything I can do to make this process easier for you - let me know! 

How are my photos delivered?
You get your images via a personal online gallery. All the photos downloaded straight to your computer! The gallery will stay up for a full year but I encourage you to backup your photos immediately upon receiving them! 

How are my photos delivered?
You get your images via a personal online gallery. All the photos downloaded straight to your computer! The gallery will stay up for a full year but I encourage you to backup your photos immediately upon receiving them! 

Can we have the RAW images?
I do not give out any RAW files or unedited images! This is a huge part of the whole process and why you hired me- to be your creative eye! I promise I will give you the best of the best! 

How many images can I expect?
For lifestyle sessions you can expect roughly 40+ images. For weddings I shoot on average 50-70 photos per hour, pending on what is going on in the day. I shoot with a story telling perspective so I try to make sure I am giving you as many photos as I can that tell the story of your day! 

When will we receive our photos?
Delivery times vary. 1-4 months depending on my workload but I work my butt off to get them to you as fast as I can.

Do you have a second shooter? 
Second shooters can be added onto your package for sure! Although I am very comfortable shooting on my own and most weddings I am solo! 

Can you help us with building a timeline for our wedding day? 
Absolutely! My first initial phone call with you, we will go over your day, your vision and I will help build a timeline specific to your individual wants and needs! 

What does it take to book with you? 
A signed contract and a 30% non-refundable retainer! Boom. You are family and we are in it for life! 


Documenting your unfiltered moments with a purposeful heart

let's plan your experience

Welcoming your tiny human bean into the world is a truly life-changing, rollercoaster of vulnerability. Supporting you through the chaotic happiness of it all, let me be there for you in every possible way.