How do we know if we are good fit for each other?
Choosing a photographer is a big decision! There are so many factors to weigh and I know I'm not going to be for everyone and that's ok! My focus is to document moments in the lives of those who are willing to open themselves up, trust me completely and truly let go so I can create images that showcase their unique love and connection. People who don't take themselves to seriously, who want to be goofy and share in a few good laughs. People that aren't afraid to get their clothes a little dirty, head off the beaten path with me and let the wind whip through their hair. I want to tell your story in a way that feels true to you and who you are. If this resonates with you, then yes I'm your girl!

What's your style? 
I consider my photography style to be natural, emotional, warm and intimate. My goal is to capture events as they unfold, real moments and emotions. I'm a sucker for all the snuggles and closeness, but I also love to make my clients laugh, play and chase each other around.

Do you travel?
Heck yes I travel! I am local to Edmonton, Alberta, but love to travel and try to do it as much as I possibly can! I charge a travel fee outside of Edmonton (unless you're going to elope somewhere amazing like Ireland - then seriously lets get to chattin') but price varies depending on location.

Do you offer elopement packages?
Yes! I love couples who are willing to skip the traditional wedding style and adventure off and create something magical for just the two of them. Elopement stories are unique to each couple and can range from a few hours to a full day. Please contact me for further pricing.

Do you work with a second shooter?
I have a network of talented photographers that I occasionally work with! Please talk to me about adding a second photographer to your wedding package!

Do you edit all the photos you give us?
Yes! Every single one. I take a lot of pride into my work and although I do love a natural look, each individual photo you receive I have put time and heart into making beautiful! It is important to note that I do not Photoshop bodies or superimpose things into the shot that weren't there to begin with. However, I do take special care to fix any skin inconsistencies and remove any elements that may be distracting in the photo.

Will any of our photos be black + white?
You will receive a mixture of both black and white and color photos. I will use my artistic discretion to decide which photos will look best black and white. However, the majority of your photos will be in color.

How many images can I expect?
For lifestyle sessions you can expect roughly 40-60 images. I shoot with a story-telling perspective, so it depends on what the session involves and how long the session goes. For weddings I shoot on average 50-70 photos per hour.

When will we receive our photos?
Delivery times vary. 1-4 months depending on my workload.

Can we print our images?
Absoutely! You will receive printing rights to print whichever photos your heart desires. Although I do recommend going through my professional printing company.

Can we share our images on social media?
Ummm YES, please! You have shared rights to the images and can use them for whatever reason you'd like. I just ask that no cropping, editing, or adding filters be done to the images since I've already spent lots of time and effort doing that for you!

What should I wear for our session?
Depending on the session type I always suggest something that you are comfortable in and that fits your personality! Wear something you don’t always normally get to wear but really want to. The best thing I suggest is to color coordinate without “matching” and avoid heavy logos or distracting patterns. Although I am sucker for a good band T! Layers and anything flowy is always great and helps to make the photos more dynamic! If you're totally stuck head over to your favourite store, find a mannequin that you love and copy the look. If you need more help, I’m always here to be a fashion consultant for you!


If you have any other questions please email me!
I strive for open and honest communication and it's key in having this whole process run as smoothly as possible! 

If you have more questions or are
ready to get this party started,

contact me here!