Imagery & 



Celebrating your perfectly 
imperfect real life moments.

Picture this -- you are exactly where you dreamed you would be on your wedding day. Surrounded by your favourite people or just the two of you. You are at peace. 

Walking towards your soon-to-be, you are overcome with emotion, battling the butterflies in your stomach. Finally locking eyes, your soul quietens and you feel complete. Nothing else matters. You feel at home. 

Blissful highs and vulnerable lows, your journey is a beautiful whirlwind of new beginnings and dewy-eyed flashbacks.  

Racing hearts, electrifying goosebumps, happy tears, and belly-aching laughs - it’s a nostalgic rollercoaster and a half. 

This is living, in all its purity. This is your story. 

Right by your side, I’m here to support and

serve you through life’s biggest milestones.

Hey loves, I'm Carissa

You be you and I’ll bring my artistic eye along...

Embracing your unfiltered, real AF emotions, calming the chaos, this is a safe space where you can be YOU. Matching your energy with a bonus dash of sass, it’d be my absolute honour to preserve your fleeting moments for a lifetime of tangible memories.

Forget all the ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda’, today is your day to get lost in the present and soak it all in as it’s unfolding. With a purposeful heart, I’ll hustle in the background, capturing and creating the images that’ll have you vividly reliving the experience all over again. All the feels, zero FOMO, I’ve got you.

Meant to be

When you look back on your photos, you’ll see you. I want to get to know you so I can document you with intention and soul.

Always an 

You'll get the most beautiful images without sacrificing the spirt of your day. Curated with an effortless approach and modern artistic flare. 

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