Alberta wedding photographer honouring the beauty found in unscripted moments

Picture this -- you are exactly where you dreamed you would be on your wedding day. Surrounded by your favourite people or just the two of you. You know you are meant to be here, now. 

The day is relaxed and slow-paced, allowing you to fully live in the joy and laughter that surrounds you. It's a day of happy tears, laughter and little moments. 

You are fully present on your wedding day and allowing yourself to experience the honesty of it all. Your photographer is curious and intentionally documenting your day without requiring you to step away too much from it all. Nothing holds more value than what's naturally unfolding. 

This day is your story, a beautiful whirlwind of new beginnings and soulful moments that celebrate the love between the two of you in an honest and genuine way.


Documenting timeless artful imagery 

With an editorial perspective.

Hi, I'm Carissa.

I'm a wedding, elopement, and lifestyle photographer based in Edmonton, Victoria, and beyond.

My approach is all about letting you live and experience every moment of your day. I promise you'll never feel like your wedding is just a photoshoot. With a documentary eye, a flair for editorial posing, and a focus on emotion and intimacy, I aim to capture the true essence of who you are in a creative and intentional way.


"She is somehow able to not only capture every moment and emotion in a truly genuine way but also do so in a way that makes you feel like she is an old friend"