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Celebrating real connection vs capturing the curated. 

Picture this -- you are exactly where you dreamed you would be on your wedding day. Surrounded by your favourite people or just the two of you. You know you are meant to be here, now. 

The day is unfussy and slow-paced, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the joy and laughter that surrounds you. It's a day of happy tears, laughter and little moments. It's a day of nostalgia.

You are fully present on your wedding day and allowing yourself to experience the honesty of it all. Your photographer is curious and intentionally documenting your day without requiring you to step away too much from it all. Nothing holds more value than what's naturally unfolding. 

This day is your story, a beautiful whirlwind of new beginnings and soulful moments that celebrate the love between the two of you.

Right by your side, I’m here to support and

serve you through life’s biggest milestones.

Hey loves, I'm Carissa

You be you and I’ll bring my artistic eye along...

Embracing your unfiltered, real, & raw emotions, calming the chaos, and creating a safe space where you can be YOU.  You are in the driver's seat and I am here to help guide you. It would be my absolute honour to preserve your moments and document it all with a little bit of sass. 

When you let me in - you not only are my priority - you also become my muse. We will have fun, relax into the experience together and I can't wait to show you how you bloom behind my lens.

With a purposeful heart, I’ll hustle in the background, capturing and creating the images that will have you vividly reliving the experience all over again. All the feelings, all the moments, all of the memories... I’ve got you.

I want to get to know you and document your day with intention and heart. So when you look back on your photos, you’ll see you. 

Always an 

You'll get the most beautiful images without sacrificing the spirit of your day. Curated with an effortless approach and modern artistic flair - let yourself be seen.

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