Let me introduce myself, I am the super cool lady behind the lens. The tea drinkin', podcast listenin', avocado eatin', ocean lovin', picture takin mama to a sweet baby boy and three fur babies. I'm a chocolate addict and one of the best gifts you can get me is a wicked set of flannel pajamas and a scented candle. I love being outdoors, exploring this big beautiful planet, seeing new places and living life to the fullest with a big fat smile on my face!

I'm all about bringing as much positivity and encouragement into this world as possible. I'll hold your hand while you give birth to your child and run the show on a wedding day when its gets stressful. Above all, I have your back through thick and thin.  I strive to let you celebrate the quiet, authentic moments and also encourage you to embrace the emotion, fun, and pure party that a wedding day brings. 

Hi Loves! I'm Carissa

If you're into laughing while having the wind blowing your hair around, the bottom of your dress getting muddy while running around barefoot in the sand then you are my people.

I'm not about the posey, stiff and awkward photos. I want you to look back on your photos and know the laugh you were making was 100% authentic. Sessions and wedding days contain a lot of chatter and me coaching you in a way that you can be genuine, playful, quirky, and relaxed enough that you let your guard down and start being your true self with your significant other. 

I'm not just here to deliver your wedding photos and say "see ya." I'm gonna be your friend. I'm gonna have your back. I'll probably hug your grandma and I'm going to try my hardest to remember all of your bridesmaids names. I pour my heart and soul into every session and every.single.wedding.day.  Because I see it as a two way street. If I become vulnerable and share myself and my creative soul with you, you're going to be able to open up and allow me document the most intimate part of your relationship. You're not just another name on the calendar to me. We'll share tears, laughter, hugs and booze and create some lasting images that are 100% you.  


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