Hey there, I’m Carissa…

Your easy going, always laughing, West Coast loving documentary wedding & elopement photographer from Edmonton, Alberta.

In my own life when I think about my favourite photos, it's the ones that I can feel. it's the ones that evoke emotions and stand the test of time. Nostalgic, honest, and timeless—that's the essence I aim to weave into your visual narrative.

My goal is to ensure that when you revisit your photos years down the road, each image sparks a flood of memories, capturing not just how it looked, but how it felt. Let's craft a visual masterpiece that tells the timeless story of your unique journey through life.

Purposefully capturing what 

makes you whole, with intention and heart 

I approach weddings with a documentary mindset, embracing the beauty of unscripted moments. Instead of imposing my presence or directing events, I prefer to be a quiet observer, capturing the genuine emotions and candid interactions.

With an editorial perspective, I subtly guide couples to create authentic and timeless imagery that reflects their unique love story. I strive to capture the essence of their special day with an artful eye, creating images that will be cherished for a lifetime.

"We are being entirely honest when we say she felt like a close friend by the end of our wedding day."




here are THE Fun Facts.

I'm A Vancouver Island Girl


I was raised on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. I am forever an Island baby at heart. Yes, that's me in the yellow swim suit!
Even though Alberta is now my home, I am always making time to travel back to Victoria and love documenting all the beauty that the West Coast has to offer; including your love! 

I did the wedding thing my way


I married my best friend at our own intimate West Coast wedding in 2019 and can completely understand the pressure, emotions, and excitement you’re feeling. That’s why I’m here to be your loyal supporter cheering you on to stay true to you and nurture a day that is uniquely yours.

I’m a trained doula & Love Birth Photography


I’m certified in the practice as a Holistic Doula and my Reiki level one. I have a deep passion for capturing authentic birth stories and the raw moments that encompasses that journey. In another life I would’ve have loved to have studied to be a midwife.

Real connections,
genuine hearts.

Every human has a story, meet some of my people

If I’m shinin’,

everybody gonna shine