Bailey + Josue / Joshua Tree / Intimate In Home Couples Session / California Photographer

Bailey + Josue
Joshua Tree, CA
 Intimate in home couples session 

It took me a long time to decide which images to share from this intimate in home couples session at the Kinfolk the workshop Why? Because this couple has that “it” factor, yes they are beautiful and don’t even get me started on their style. No, it wasn’t that I wanted to showcase it was their undeniable love and pure genuine connection they had for each other. Watching Laurken Kendall bring that out made me so emotional and between the soft music playing in the background, the stolen tender touches that were shared, I truly felt their love and found myself crying. Even something so ordinary, like washing their hands became a beautiful tale of romance. It’s about finding beauty in the mundane moments that we tend to rush through. As Erin Northcutt so perfectly put it “When I close my eyes and think about love it’s stolen kisses in front of the fridge, a turned, cold shoulder while angrily loading the dishwasher, it’s unspoken words and a tearful hug after not talking for two days, it’s a glance of mutual understanding and a squeeze of the hand as a moment is interrupted by happy, bed-headed children stampeding down the stairs to greet you and hug your legs. It’s fluid and routine, it’s fleeting and beautiful.”

I had sent over an image to Bailey as a teaser and she fell in love with it. She told me that it was one of her favourite images of her and Josue. She loves how it embodies Sway’s strength and protection, yet tender heart, and her complete admiration and love for him. It feels like such an honest and transparent image of our marriage.

That my friends, is what I want to give my clients. If I could do that for everyone that steps in front of my camera then I know that my time spent away from my family, my son, my husband. Well it’s worth it.

I hope when you look through these images you see just that.

Thank you so much to Bailey + Josue for sharing your afternoon with us. It was an absolute pleasure meeting and connecting with you.



Couple romantically washing their hands at their kitchen sink


This is the photo that bailey said felt like such an honest and transparent image of her marriage. ^

  1. Kayla says:

    Wow, I honestly never would have thought to have a couple wash dishes for a shoot before. But it really displays such a personal, intimate embrace that would never usually be captured!

    Also this couple is sooo stunning together and apart. I can FEEL the love.

    You rock C, don’t ever change. Unless of course you want to. <3

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