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Getting married during a pandemic – a brides personal experience 

Calgary Intimate Backyard Wedding 

Calgary, AB

Stay calm, you can’t change it or control it. So make it what YOU want

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I decided to dedicate this blog post, my first wedding of 2020 during the pandemic, to Tara’s personal perspective and her hopeful words on the situation her and Nic were faced with on whether or not to get married .

This blog is for Tara, for her kind heart, hopeful spirit and willingness to adjust even if things changed on her 10x’s over. This post is for Nic, who stood by her and said, “I just want to marry you – however that looks” for the love and support he showed her during an unknown and challenging time.

This is for all the couples who made the tough decision to postpone – know you’ve made a choice that feels right in your heart.

You are doing a great job given the circumstances.

This is for all the couples who are walking into the unknown and changing everything they had planned to still get married.

You are doing a great job given the circumstances.

This is for all the couples who cut guests lists, changed venues and said goodbye to the wedding they had planned for.

You are doing a great job given the circumstances.

We all see the world through a different lens, let’s just be kind to one another and know we are all doing the very best we can.

“Getting married in the early months of COVID19 was a whirlwind of emotion. From initially cancelling our wedding, to gaining hope, losing hope and gaining it again more than a few times over, nothing will ever compare to the feeling of walking down the aisle with all of that stress and heartache in the rearview mirror. We won’t lie, at first, it was a bit of a challenge giving up the amazing wedding we spent a year planning for a condensed, backyard wedding at mom’s house. The pandemic hit and left us with an empty feeling of “what now?” But we came together as a family and what we created out of that empty feeling was the most beautiful and intimate experience of our lives. We saved money. We spent our special day with the 22 people who meant the very most to us.  And we ended up truly happier than we would have been with the 100 person theatre wedding we originally planned. At the end of the day, we’ll be able to look back 10 or 20 years from now and tell our kids and grandkids that we overcame adversity and got married during one of the wildest times in human history. It cemented the fact that nothing can stop us. In what some people would call the worst year they’ve ever seen, we got married, bought a new house, settled down and started the most amazing life. We’re pretty damn alright with the fact that everything happened the way it did.”




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