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I decided to ask my dear friend and extremely talented writer, Kayla, aka … The Bride to talk about her experiences of navigating her wedding through a world wide pandemic, her personal advice to couples planning their own wedding and how their dreams of a big wedding turned into something completely unexpected and yet… still absolutely perfect.

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Couple runs away in the mountains of canmore to elope

“Our wedding was everything we didn’t know we wanted, or needed.

Way back in March, Chris commented about COVID-19 possibly impacting our wedding. This was well before a lockdown of any kind had occured anywhere in the world let alone Edmonton. So naturally I said something along the lines of “don’t be silly” and got mad at him for being so pessimistic.

But, as usual, he was right.

I denied it for awhile, tried to stay positive and even cut myself off from all things weddings but in the end the only thing that really made a difference was acknowledging things had to change and embracing those changes.

So, we choose 21 of our close family members to attend a very intimate ceremony and reception at Stewart Creek Golf and Country Club in Canmore Alberta, our original venue, which we were and still are extremely grateful to have chosen. Instead of the 100 person reception we intended, Stewart Creek offered an intimate package within their outdoor semi-enclosed tent on the grounds for both a small ceremony and reception.

Originally we had planned to have our ceremony in a meadow on the outskirts of town but with weather being what it is in Alberta and the ability to have everything in one place we decided to keep things simple. And I’m so incredibly glad we did.

In the end, we spent four incredible hours at Stewart Creek. Starting with a small ceremony of roughly 45 people (some family who had already booked hotels still came and luckily restrictions allowed a maximum of 50 people to gather at that time). Although not everyone we wanted could be there, seeing just a few of our loved ones really made a difference. After the ceremony our immediate family and bridal party stayed for the reception.

As someone who grew up with a large family I always pictured a big wedding bash where I could dance with every cousin, hug all my aunties and uncles and be surrounded by those I love. And this vision was primarily the reason my heart broke at the thought of reducing our numbers so drastically. But the reality is, I don’t think this image would have occured COVID-19 or not. What I didn’t realize was how incredibly busy weddings are and how little time there is to dance with every person, hug them or even say a quick hello.

Instead, with only 21 people at our reception we were able to hug every person, more than once, have multiple conversations with them, and spend real quality time with them. This is something I don’t think would have been possible without COVID-19 and as twisted as it sounds, I’m glad it happened the way it did. Our hearts were more full after those four hours than I could have ever imagined.

And if I could give any advice to couples planning their day with a smaller guest list (restrictions or not) it would be choose the people that are part of your day wisely. Not just family by vendors as well. I am so lucky to have some incredibly talented friends who were also a part of our vendor team. This isn’t always possible but if you can find vendors who share your passions or who you connect with on a personal level choose them 100 percent. I’m so glad to say that every one on our vendor team either already was or has now become a dear friend. Plus, Chris’ dad was able to officiate our wedding (anyone can now apply online and officiate a wedding in Alberta), which was one less stranger we had to include in our already restricted guest list.

Carissa being one of those people. There aren’t enough characters allowed on this blog to express our gratitude for her. At the end of our wedding day she became family and always will be and I’ll never forget the memories she helped us capture”


PS РThis wedding was also featured on Blush Magazine Рcheck it out!!

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