Miranda | Maternity Session | Edmonton Photographer

Stony Plain, AB
Maternity Session

Here is a session I hold dear to my heart and not just because it was in a huge pea field, with the setting sun + nothing but the whispers of the wind to be heard. No, it’s because its of my beautiful friend and these are photos of her last pregnancy carrying her first baby girl. Where do I even begin…without bawling! Ok here we go, Miranda without you I don’t think I’d be the mom I am today. You’ve been such an inspiration to me, as a woman and as a mother. You pick me up when I’m down, carry me when I’m weak and slap me back to normal when I need to get my shit together. You are strong, beautiful and kind, a force to be reckoned with but you have the biggest heart and melt like a puddle for anyone you care deeply for. Thank you endlessly for all that you do for me, Leo and Lorren. I love you and your four boys so much + I cannot wait to fall in love with your daughter. I’m so glad I met you and get to go through this crazy thing called life with you! Love you long time xox ps. You’re a babe… p.p.s thanks for still loving me even when I lost my keys in the middle of a huge pea field…thankfully we found them ha



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