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Renee + Jay
Victoria, BC
Ocean Maternity Session

Have you ever dreamed of something, something you have always wanted to do or have and then that dream unfolds into real life and happens right before your eyes? Well that’s kind of like my story with Renee and Jay. See, we all know that I was raised on the beautiful island of Victoria and any chance I can, I jump at the opportunity to document a love story. Now Renee and Jay, their dream is a little different, their wish was to have a baby; a piece of them both that they can hold, cuddle and cherish forever. Their story starts back a long time ago, when Jay was in grade 4 and she was in grade 2. He harboured quiet a crush on her all throughout high school, but it wasn’t until her first day of university that she took notice of him. Fast forward and it’s now been 11 wonderful years together, full of laughter, adventure and travel. Yet their best adventure was yet to come because in 2018 they will become parents. This baby boy has been hoped and prayed for for a very, very long time. He is so loved already, and not just by them. They’ve spent the last 18 months doing long distance, while Renee did fertility treatments in Victoria, and Jay continued to work in the States. It’s been a whirlwind to say the least. But now they are here, waiting for the arrival of their wish. And thats where I come in.

Renee and I went to high school together, we had adventures on Hornby Island listening to Janet Jackson and roaming the beaches together. We remained in contact throughout the years and she was also one of my biggest supporters of my little photography business. When she became pregnant she asked me if I would be on the island near the year end and if I could do her maternity photos. As luck would have it, I happened to be going home for the holidays to visit my family and we were able to make it happen; my wish came true, an opportunity to do a photo session on the island…my hometown.

We had such a wonderful evening together, we took photos inside their beautiful home just near Dallas Road and then ventured down to the water to finish off. Where Renee, the brave woman that she is, went into the chilly December ocean..and man did we create some magic!

This baby is a blessing to this wonderful couple, they are two of the most sweetest and kindest souls that I have ever met and they are going to be incredible parents to this little baby boy.

I hope when looking at these photos that you can see the love, the connection and the happiness between them and the bond that they already share with their son.



        Cardigan from Shop The Skinny 
Dress from Fillyboo Maternity

  1. Brina says:

    This is so beautiful Carissa

  2. Barbara says:

    Beautiful Images Carissa, and you know how much I love the double exposure <3 amazing set! <3

  3. Lyndsay says:

    This is gorgeous! Victoria is amazing!

  4. Lana Palmer says:

    Beautiful maternity session. Home maternity sessions should be a must; they are so intimate and special. 😍

  5. Karly Ford says:

    This is UNREAL. The vibe is so special, intimate & CRAZY CREATIVE!! love it!!

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