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Welcome to the world Monroe Marie
Edmonton, AB
A Birth Story

“Before you were born I carried you under my heart. From the moment you arrived in this world until the moment I leave it, I will always carry you in my heart.”

I am so excited to share this beautiful birth story. After taking my Holistic Doula course, I have truly found a passion within myself and birth is where my heart lies. I love documenting new life joining us earth side. Man it is so freaking BEAUTIFUL!

Laura and I met through a mutual friend and when she contacted me asking if I would document her birth, I was thrilled! I was a bit nervous I wasn’t going to make it because she was due right before a wedding I was photographing but the stars aligned and she texted me early morning on a snow September 13th (the day before her due date) to tell me, it’s game on!

Shortly after 11:00 am I met her and Ryan at the Lucina Birthing Centre. Her water had broke and her contractions were strong but she was stronger. I felt of rush of anticipation as I watched this soon to be mother breath deep through the intensity that is labor and felt the power in the room. With her husband, Ryan, by her side, coaching her and massaging her back, she laboured. Her midwife joined us shortly after us getting to the centre and super funny story – Melanna, Laura’s midwife was MY midwife from when I had my son..small world right! She checked her cervix for dilation and she was already at 8cm…this mama had laboured like a boss at home and in the car on the way to the birthing centre. She was SO close to meeting her baby! (gender unknown at this point – eeeekk) We got the pool ready and Laura got in, Ryan by her side and her midwife holding strength with her.

Watching her had me reliving all of the moments from my own birth and I felt so proud to watch this mom, with all her strength and power birth her baby. There was some tough times, some times of struggle and uncertainty. It’s no joke delivering a baby, it’s a lot of work and it’s a lot of work mentally, crossing that threshold into the unknown. I remember when she was pushing she said ” no no, and her husband and I both simultaneously said ” YES YES” and her mind switched and she began to chant, “YES YES” . Shortly after some deep pushes she looked over at Ryan and she asked him, “when I am pushing, tell me – push that baby out, you can do it!” So every time she would push there he was behind her holding her up in the birthing pool and enforcing what she already knew was true, that she could and will birth her baby!

Her labor was fast and powerful…no breaks between contractions and at 12:55am, Monroe Marie Lohndorf entered the world. Placed right onto mamas chest, she asked her midwife what the gender was and Melanna said she didn’t check so Laura got to lift her up and say “IT’S A GIRL” with tears of joy and happiness these two wonderful humans became parents to a healthy, beautiful, full haired little girl.

I cannot express my gratitude to Laura and Ryan for allowing me into their birthing space, letting me take part in such a wonderful, intense and beautiful moment. I cried like a baby and it all felt like a blur the moment Monroe joined us, yet, I will never forget that moment.

I hope you enjoy these images that Laura so kindly allowed me to share with you all. I hope you see the strength, the power and most importantly the love that is here within these photographs. I can’t wait for Monroe to get one day ask her parents to see her birth photos xoxo



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