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Ashley + Chris
Jasper, AB
Mountain Engagement Session

I was so excited when Ashley asked me if I was willing to go to Jasper to photographer her and Chris for their engagement photos. Living in Edmonton, the rocky mountains are only a 4 hour drive away but I don’t always get to go out that way and have the opportunity to shoot there. Honestly, if I could drive there everyday I would. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! If you haven’t ever been out to the Canadian Rockies do yourself the favour and go!! Feel free to take me with you to so I can document you climbing hill tops, chasing waterfalls and standing on top of the world, like I did with Ashley and Chris!

We met for the first time on the side of the highway at the pull out to the Beauty Creek Trail. This engagement session was also a little different than normal as my mom (who was visiting from Victoria, BC), my partner and my son all came along for the day! As soon as I met this adorable couple face to face I could just sense their easy going and happy minded nature! We packed up our gear, stroller in tow and made our way to the falls. Let me tell you, it is SO nice to be surrounded in nature like that, there is nothing like it, when the trees seem like they could touch the tops of the mountains and the lush green forest engulfs you…it’s truly beautiful. We hung out around the falls, exploring, getting up close and personal and talking about their wedding which is coming up this September in the small town of Naramata, BC situated in the Okanagan Valley! Which I am SO pumped to photograph!!

After we popped some champagne by the river we headed back towards the park to finish off our shoot at hill top I had seen when driving in. It’s funny because when I mentioned the spot to Ashley her and Chris both shared in a laugh as she to had seen that spot and thought it would be pretty cool to head up and take photos at.

With the low setting sun we parked our vehicles on the side of the road, watching tourist snap pictures of the mountain goats wandering around. Coming up to the spot we picked was a steep incline and of course, we were all in flip flops haha ** Note to future client, bring a pair of walking shoes** We trekked up the side of the mountain, huffing and puffing as we made our way to the top. As soon as we stopped to catch our breathe we got a chance to look at what surrounded us and I swear I couldn’t breathe because of how insanely beautiful it was. Standing on top of that mountain made me feel incredibly humbled, how is this my JOB? I get to adventure with sweet, fun and totally in love couples and be surrounded in unimaginable beauty and nature #blessed. After taking full advantage of the views we headed back down to the glacier fed Athabasca River and to my surprise and I think Ashley’s, Chris was totally cool to get a little wet in the water!! She said it was a big day as he doesn’t like to get wet with his clothes on and even after I posted a teaser photo on Facebook, another friend commented the same haha so needless to say I am pretty thankful that Chris was willing because we got some adorable shots of these two!!

I always tell my clients that I know being in front of the camera isn’t easy but if you let down your guard, be playful and romantic with one another, let go to the point when you are genuinely having FUN and if you are willing to go well off the beaten trail than our time spent together will be magical and we will create memories to last a lifetime!!

Chris and Ashley, thank you so much for the amazing day. You two are beyond adorable and your love for one another is obvious! I feel so honoured to not only capture your engagement but to be there to capture your wedding day!

See you in the Okanagan!




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