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Welcome to the world Monroe
Edmonton, AB
A Birth Story

Just when you think you know love, something little comes along to remind you just how big it really is.

Where do I even begin?! Being able to witness the birth of little Monroe was probably an all time favourite on my list of photography moments. It meant so much to have the privilege to take part in watching this strong, powerful and one heck of an incredible woman bring her fourth child and first daughter into the world!

I was camping out in Pembina when I got the text from Luke saying she was admitted and the IV was in. It was an hour drive to the hospital and Miranda had warned me that her past births went fast. Boy, was that ever an understatement! Fast forward an hour later, I arrived at the hospital, desperately searching for a place to park, my heart pounding…”please don’t miss it, please don’t miss it”. I ran inside and looked for the signs for labor and delivery. Up the stairs, around the corner, room 2521. I was there. When I walked in, I saw my friend on her side, her husband rubbing her back, whispering in her ear helping to ease the growing contractions. I had already put my camera holder on, so I was ready to go; I gave a quick hug to her sister, Kendra, and made my way to the head of the bed. Things were progressing VERY quickly and within seconds of getting there, Miranda had moved onto her back and was ready to push. Just like that, Monroe left the comforts of the womb and welcomed the world with a loud scream.

Tears ran down my cheeks as I watched the rush of emotions in my friends face, she went from pain, to joy, to overwhelming happiness as she held tightly onto her baby girl. Luke wiped tears from his cheeks and you knew in that moment that they knew their family was whole.

I stayed around for a little bit afterwards, watching everyone swoon over this new little life. Birth is such an amazing thing. It’s so real and unplanned, it’s going to go the way it’s going to go and you ¬†just have to ride the waves but the moment you bring that baby up onto your chest, feel their heartbeat against yours, hold their tiny little fingers in your hands…well you just know that your whole world has changed for the better. There is nothing in this world like it and like Miranda has told me, this is her high.

Miranda, Luke, Ryder, Rome, Madden and sweet Monroe. I love you all so much. Thank you endlessly for allowing me into this day. It truly meant the world for me to be there.




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