Jenne + Aubrey Jasper Elopement – Pyramid Lake Alberta | Jasper Elopement Photographer

Jenne and Aubrey decided to leave California and elope in Jasper Alberta which is situated in the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains!

They kept their wedding simple but purposeful and it was nothing short of love, tons of laughter, maybe a few cold winds but definitely lots of warm hugs.

We met the night before for the first time in the lodge at the JPL and right away we clicked! It’s always so weird when you first meet face to face and it feels a little bit like a first date but we quickly realized we were pretty much the same people and we decided then and there, we would be a throuple for LIFEEEEE!

The next morning it was rise and shine at 5am because we wanted to catch that morning sunrise at Pyramid Lake; however, the mountains said not today sun and we were greeted with a windy overcast morning! You know what though, it was GORGEOUS, the wind made for some dreamy movement in the images and the overcast provided a really nice soft light! Hand in hand these two were ready to wife it up and experience the Canadian mountains. Nothing a little tequila couldn’t solve 😉

Some sweet words of love from my soul sisters:

“Where to start about this wonderful human.
She is so interested in knowing exactly what you envision for your day that she feels like your best friend. We never felt shy in front of the camera or like it was posed.
She very punctual and communicative and asks a lot of questions. She has an eye for art and an eye for your individuality. If you happen to get stuck in a wedding dress on a snowy day she will can help you put gas in your car.
By the time we came to the end of our session with Carissa, it was so hard too leave and a hug was just not enough to say goodbye.
She has sent us a few shots of the work she captured for us and it already brought us to tears…. she gets you in a way that is hard to believe.
She is amazing at her job” 

A huge heartfelt THANK YOU so much for trusting in me to capture your day, bring it to life exactly how you had envisioned it to be and for allowing me into your space and thus becoming your new little Canadian buddy!

Fun fact: we even nicknamed the large pimple on my chin – who has now come and gone (thankfully) – and joked about me and “Benji” visiting them one day haha






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