How to stay productive and positive with your business during social distancing

I know a lot of us are feeling overwhelmed, anxious and sometimes darn right fearful of the future amidst these uncertain times. A lot of us entrepreneurs are feeling the heat with potential bookings being cancelled and postponed as people understandably begin to change their plans.

Let’s just say it out loud … we’re facing a very unknown time and it’s scary AF.

OK now that we have said it – let’s talk about what’s going to be the most helpful things we can do for ourselves mentally in a situation like this. For me, it’s staying positive, shifting my mindset to get through this crisis and most importantly spreading love and kindness onto others.

Don’t let the fear of the unknown be your only driving factor.

Instead of watching The Office for the 1,000,000,000th time (guilty as charged – no shame), constantly checking the internet and scrolling through social media for updates (hello anxiety)—keep busy and inspired with the below tips to elevate your business and your mind. Use the forced slow time in the best way possible!

Here are some ways i’m making the most of this new chapter.

  1. Start a new project to keep your mind healthy. 

As creatives, we need to stay inspired—starting a new project for me helps put all the emotion and energy I’m feeling into one outlet that inspires me. 

If I’m just sitting around with my own thoughts then guuuuurl you better believe they are going to run wild. So, how might that look now? 

2. Get outside!

Fresh air and sunshine will always ground you. While you’re outside, grab an item from your house and take photos of it in different types of light and learn about the way light and shadows work. Or try some other techniques, like astrophotography—photograph the stars and let the vast universe above humble you.

3. Take photos of your family

We’re all just chilling anyways – so why not photograph that! I always feel like I have no time to document my family and now I have ALL THE TIME.

4. Learn about different styles of photography

Try a photo-journalism approach or abstract photography. Your house is your muse and your yard is your Sistine Chapel – get playing!

5. Invest your time into something productive for your business. 

All those “to-do” lists that have just been sitting there … dust them off and get it done!

    • Blogging—no excuse, the time is now! Create some inspirational content for people to connect with.
    • Work on your SEO and get your google business up and running. 
    • Refresh your website with some new images and copy— build your brand! 
    • Create or edit your current wedding welcome guide.
    • Bookkeeping – this slow time is perfect to get organized for the year. Log those miles and enter in your expenses.
    • Read that book you’ve always wanted to about your business or self improvement – here’s some books I am hoping to dive into!


    • That trick in photoshop that you’ve always wanted to master or a certain way to edit in Lightroom that you want to try – now is the time! Check out Youtube, Blogs or Creative Live and start learning. 
    • Put in your favourite business related podcast and kick back with a puzzle (I mean with a beer – a cold beer #friendsreference) Learn a little and improve your short term memory!


There are SO many ways to keep busy while nurturing your business and your mind – let’s not forget about daily exercise, meditation, popping’ those vitamins and simply remembering to take time to laugh and stay weird.

Most importantly, this isn’t the time to be swallowed up by worry— we need to transform our fear and use it to fuel us as an opportunity to grow!

You have to make a promise to yourself that whatever happens – nothing will stop you from finding your joy

Hang in there friends … we are in this one together!




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