Maranda + Danny Romantic Summer Engagement Session // Edmonton Alberta // Edmonton Couples Photographer

Maranda + Danny’s Engagement Session 
Edmonton, AB
Romantic Summer Engagement Session 

This session, WAS SO FUN! We ate ice cream, we drank some craft beer, caught a sun set, ran around in a field and all the while Danny serenaded us with some beautiful guitar. It was a super hot day in Edmonton (32+) and I was really excited for their romantic summer engagement session but I thought we should cool down first with some ice cream at a local ice cream stand in Stony! Little did I know the back story of how Danny went about asking her parents permission for her hand in marriage ice cream infused and all!! 💕 I’ll let maranda tell you their sweet story!

“We’ve always both loved ice cream and it became our guilty pleasure! The night danny went to ask my mum and stepdad permission to marry me I was having a bubble bath and he asked if I would like an ice cream, which he had planned on using that as his excuse to get out of the house. He ended up visiting my mum for so long after asking her that the ice cream store almost closed before he got there, so he had to rush out the door and he just made it in time to the store so he could come back home with some ice cream or else his cover would have been blown”

Danny told me that the two things he loves most in this world is Maranda and music, I am pretty sure their love speaks for themselves and I hope that you can see that through these images. I am photographing their wedding this September and I can’t wait for their big backyard celebration!!






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