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Michelle + Kevin
Edmonton, AB
Engagement Session

I met Michelle over Facebook, well, actually I saw a post of hers on the Edmonton Wedding Buy and Sell looking for a Photographer and I posted my link under her inquiry, along with many other talented photographers and hoped for the best. I creeped her profile and thought hey, I might as well send her a private message to because she seemed like someone I would really get along with. She is a nurse at the Stollery Children’s Hospital and with my little sister being a nurse, I have a soft spot for those who make it their career in helping others, plus Michelle is gorgeous (doesn’t she look like DLo from the Bachelor!!!) I really wanted to have her in front of my camera. I messaged her early April and eagerly awaited a response…..well, fast forward to mid June, she responded and I was so excited to hear from her! I sent her a link to some recent work of mine and as luck would have it Facebook was glitching and saying my messages weren’t  sending, so I kept trying to re-send the message… again, and again, and again……of course, the messages WERE working and poor Michelle had an inbox full of the same messages from me…yikes! BUT being the sweetheart that she is, she didn’t let that impact her decision to want to talk to me and we continued to message back and forth from time to time from about April till mid July when we agreed to meet in person.  Her and her fiancé Kevin had narrowed down their search from 74 photographers to 4 and I was in that lucky number. AH! #pressure

So we met up at Browns and all three of us had dinner together. I was so nervous, it’s kind of like a first date, you are trying not to talk to fast and make sure that what you’re saying sounds ok and professional; all the while hoping that nothing is stuck in your teeth! Honestly though, when the nerves settled and we got deeper into conversation about our families, jobs, career goals and just life, I knew that they were my type of people. They are sweet, funny, down to earth and so kind hearted. Kevin was even mr. sneaky and paid for my meal after I offered to get the dinner. Like, how nice is that!

It’s funny that sometimes you just know that people are meant to be in your life. I know that might sound cheesy to some but I really strive to make true genuine connections with all my clients. I want to build relationships that go beyond the wedding day and why wouldn’t you want that!

Here’s some photos from our sunset engagement session that was SO MUCH FUN! These two were totally down for my idea of a little snuggle fest inside a mesh tent, complete with s’mores and cozy plaid blankets!  Oh, also, ladies be warned now that Michelle has luscious hair…so hair envy will be full on especially when she whips it around in the sunset and it looks unreaaaaal!

Thank you Mich and Kev for being so amazing, trusting in me and choosing me to document your wedding. It means the world to me because without clients like you, I wouldn’t get to do what I love! Can’t wait for July 21 2018!!!



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