Sunset Engagement Session | Edmonton Rivervalley | Erin + Riyaz

With the slower months of January and February ahead I finally have time to sit and dedicate my energy  to blogging . To be honest, when I have downtime like this I am not really use to it?! Sounds weird I know…let me explain. I feel like I spend so much of my time constantly busy so when it does come to a halt like this I have a hard time settling into the stillness. I feel like I should be out shooting, grinding, networking and or pushing my business to the next level. However; I am focusing this year on alignment instead of the constant hustle and allowing myself to embrace this stillness and give myself time to reflect, recover and rest.  So that brings me to blogging intentionally and you know what – it’s fun to go back and slowly decompress sessions from the past year; remembering all the laughs and the genuine moments collected.

Erin + Riyazs engagement session was such a special one for me because amongst a business season we took the time to actually connect beyond the work. As the engagement session came to a close they surprised me by inviting me to dinner with them. We spend the rest of the evening sharing some great food and a lot of laughs. It felt good to unwind and relax after an extremely busy few weeks and to be able to speak so candidly and openly with two strangers that became my friends so quickly.  These are the moments I hope to digest more this year; like I talked about in my year end blog – being intentional with the moments presented to me and not just looking at them with a go-go-go mindset. I want to be seen and be heard but I also need to allow myself the space to slow down and see and hear others beyond the lens.

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Blogged this session cuddling with my main little man

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