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Wow. I feel like I was JUST writing my year in review for 2018 – I know this is the most cliche statement to make come a new year but truly; where did the time go!

It’s taken me a few days to go through all my weddings from the year and gather up photos. I was extremely lucky to photograph 26 weddings this year which makes this year my biggest year yet. The opportunities that came before me is truly humbling – I was lucky enough to travel to Maui – HI, Houston – TX, Palm Springs – CA, White Lakes – BC , Calgary – AB, all around Edmonton and plenty of trips to the beautiful Rocky Mountains right here in Canada! A highlight of the year was putting myself into the shoes of all my couples as I got freakin’ married – say whaaaaaaat! We travelled to one of our favourite places on earth – Ucluelet – BC and on a wet west-coast day in September on a private beach we said our vows in front of 28 of our closest humans and became an official ball and chain 😉

2019 has been a major year for growth in terms of seeking ‘balance’ (side note….I feel like that word itself is like a unicorn word though am I right? It’s used a lot but never seen) For 2020 I have set my focus to show-up in the moments and truly be present. Whether that be at home or in my personal life – even if my schedule is filled to the brim looking at all the opportunities with an abundant heart and being the best in those moments that I can possible be. Taking on less but being intentional in the work that has been given to me and remembering it’s ok to slow down or speed up – there is no right or wrong way.

For my 2019 year in review I followed suit from another talented photographer friend and decided to reached out to my couples and ask them to share with me their favourite moments – the ones that they have hung up on the wall, the photos that fill their phone screens and the ones that have meaning; for them. Each wedding is a privilege to document and it’s my job to show up for my couples and give them moments that matter to them…not me and not just the money shot photo for the gram.

Thank you to all my wedding clients of 2019, you have made me feel completely at home in your company; you fed me, you hugged me, you iced me on my birthday and you treated me more than just a vendor…you made me feel like family.

Alright – enough from me! Chosen by my couples and by me – the best moments of 2019 – it’s going to be a loooooong one, hugs and high fives to you if you make it to the end – I promise it’s worth the scroll!

love + light

Your girl,


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