Urban Rooftop Family Session

This is the second time I have had the pleasure of documenting the sweet Webster family and I am so glad we decided to shoot their family session somewhere different and this rooftop parkade was the perfect spot!

Last time I got to see their fam jam was when Owen was only 4 month old. You can find that blog post here and if you don’t follow Kensie (which you need too) their story, here is a very short synopsis:

Owen decided he couldn’t wait to be with his mom and dad and arrived at 24 weeks gestation, weighing 1lb 10 oz – he was 16 weeks premature. Due to Covid, they weren’t allowed to both be with him at the same time so they had to take turns holding and loving on their sweet miracle boy until months later when restrictions lifted and they could both be by his side. After 94 days in the hospital, they were allowed to take their sweet baby home – oxygen tank and feeding tube free.

Kensie, Ethan and Owen are truly fighters who they continue to show their strength and faith through very difficult times.

I have so much respect for you three and truly, I am so honoured to get to give you images that show the resilience and love that you carry together as a family

with love and gratitude


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