Why It’s Important To Not Only Like Your Photographers Work But Connect With Them Beyond The Job

I hear a lot about photographers searching for their “ideal client” but what about clients searching for their “perfect photographer”?  The one who checks all the boxes: genuinely nice human, fits your budget, has the editing style you’re looking for—BUT, what about someone you’d enjoy sitting down and sharing a meal with? Or someone with similar values that you can be yourself with. And most importantly, someone you trust spending time withyour closest family and friends.

Here are my reasons why it’s important to think of your photographer as more than a checked box and instead as a person and you have genuine connection with.

1) You’re spending SO much time with them

Your photographer is not just shooting candids, getting gorgeous couple photos and capturing your first kiss. They are with you for every big moment on your wedding day. From getting ready in the morning till your makeup is sweating down your face because you’ve been dancing so hard at the end of the night. They share in some of the most intimate and emotional moments of your day. 

Since you are allowing someone to hold space for you during some of the most memorable times your life— isn’t it important to enjoy having them around?

2) Being around someone you like and enjoy makes you feel more relaxed

When I got married it was important for me to have someone I felt comfortable feeling vulnerable in front of.Someone I knew wasn’t going to judge me and who I had a relationship with on a professional and personal level. 

Why? Because it made me relax and feel comfortable. 

Think about it like this. How do you feel when you are with your best-friends, sweat pants and face masks on, binge watching your favourite TV show with a little too much vino? Supperr chill, right? 

You’re comfortable—you know you’re in the company of friends. Fast forward to your wedding day with the most important moments and adventures that await you. There’s a 99 % chance you’re going to feel a little stress—having a photographer who not only knows what they are doing but also puts you at ease and lets you know they got you truly makes the experience so much better!



When you have a mutual connection and genuine relationship with your photographer you trust them soooo much more. You are more open to their ideas because you feel understood and heard. You trust their weird prompts or directions because you know they’re going to make for some awesome photos. 

You know that if it pours on your wedding day and they tell you “it’s worth it—let’s go outside” its because they are doing this with your best interests at heart and not just for the gram. 

Trust is such an important thing in any relationship—so make it a top priority when looking for your wedding photographer.

4) How they act on your wedding day will forever be in your mind

Let’s face it— we all know everyone handles things differently. How your photographer, or any vendor for that matter, handles your day is something you will always remember. 

Keep in mind that there’s a difference between being direct and having someone completely bulldoze you and your wedding party. Something I hope you never have to experience. Communication style is very important and although we all handle things differently make sure that they way they communicate – works for you. 

Check in with yourself and see how your vendors make you feel when you are around them. Do they give you anxiety and make you feel kind of crappy? Or, do they lift you up and make you feel good. 

Having someone abrasively yell at your grandma because she’s not looking at the camera during family photos may not be a memory you want etched in your mind on your big day.

parry sound intimate wedding couple pops champagne after getting married

5) When you connect with your photographer—it puts everyone at ease

I’ve seen it before— the parents who worry and want to make sure  their kids are having the PERFECT day. Hey, I’d want my kid to have the same kind of day so can you really blame anyone for wanting that for their children? 

When you have confidence and a bond with your photographer the rest of your clan will too. One of the best compliments I have every received was from a bride’s father, who said ” Thank you for looking after my girl,”—for me that was the compliment of all compliments.


6) I truly believe you’ll be happier throughout it all

Having another person on your team; one you feel isn’t just your vendor but a friend with your best interest at heart; there to help you through any tiring times. 

Find someone who will sprinkle you with good vibes and honest answers, keep you sane when you are feeling anything but and make the entire process for you both, from start to finish—a good experience. 

You’ll be happier than a unicorn riding a rainbow!

So that’s it— my personal opinion on why it’s important to not only like your wedding photographers work but also connect with them on a deeper level beyond the job!

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