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That’s me and my son shortly after he was born—it’s one of the only photos I have of our birth story together and one of my all-time favourite photos.

Leo’s birth is a foggy memory, taken over by hormones and adrenaline. I often find myself constantly digging into the corners of my mind to remember the meaningful pieces amongst the chaos.

I feel it’s only fair to begin this blog by sharing an intimate part of myself and being raw and vulnerable— because that is what birth is all about. It’s messy, unapologetically raw, sacred and empowering.

My passion for birth photography began a year after my son was born. I struggled with post-partum depression and decided to take a holistic Doula training course to get a better understanding of the power of the body and to reconnect with myself and my understanding of the physiological process of birth.

I think it’s important to educate yourself on what your body is capable of and what happens during and after labour. For me, the decision to invest in Doula training only opened my eyes further— making it clear to me that one-on-one connection with others is what moves me forward in my passion. I truly believe birth photography is one of my callings.

Now, let’s talk about you.

When I step into someone’s birth space, I want to be a presence you feel at ease with.I want you to have comfort knowing I am with you to connect, support and to hold space for you.

I love birth photography for its ability to allow you to relive images that will one day be passed onto your child. It also helps your partner and birth team to truly be present with you and not worry about the rest.

My goal is to piece the experience together for you so you can look back and see your strength and resilience. I also like to think, or hope, that one day during a difficult time you might look back at your images and see just how loved, supported and capable you are–because my dear, you are so much more capable than you think.

It is important for me to feel aligned with my career choice and do a job that isn’t self-serving. When I leave this earth, I want to know I was a small, but memorable ray of light and love for others.

I believe those who work in the birth field are blessed to be a true part of something magical and to witness one of the biggest joys of life—a joy that comes with hardship, loss, struggle and fight.

In a world that is filled with filters and “perfection”, birth is uncensored and pure. I’m humbled to be allowed into anyone’s space when they are giving birth and I take that honour with the upmost respect and pride.

To say, “I am a birth photographer” means more than I can ever begin to describe.. I wear that badge with pride, and I hope to continue this passion of mine and never stop learning about it.

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