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When I first began photography, the thought of posing always made me nervous. To this day I still get stuck in my head and overwhelmed. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been shooting and totally blanked at what to say to pose your couple— happens to the best of us!

With that being said, it’s still important to set yourself up for success and be prepared—for your own sanity and for your clients.

Here are a few of my tips

· First, create an environment that allows your couples to feel comfortable with you and the camera your about to shove in their face. Try to complete this process well before the shoot. Get to know your clients, ask them questions and understand their personalities so you can create genuine moments with them.

· Demonstrate how to do poses yourself. How can you expect them to run around and act all goofy or cuddle up close if you aren’t willing to be vulnerable too!?

· Show them that you will go above and beyond. If you go 90 they will go 10 (just like in the movie Hitch).

· Encourage your couples to follow prompts however they choose—this means allowing them to be natural. Don’t force poses that don’t align with their personalities. This way the images reflect them in a way that is unique and authentic.

· TALK to your couples—encourage them and give them tips and direction so they always feel supported and not completely awkward or waiting for your approval.

Now with all that, here are four simple prompts to try during your next shoot.


Simple, easy and we all do it daily. For this photo, I had Kate lead Todd and walk while holding hands from behind. I told Kate to keep walking and looking back at Todd and for Todd to just smile and think of how lucky he is to see this beautiful face every day (or maybe to think of eating his favourite desert).

winter engagement session

2. Bear Hug the sh*t outta her

Using the action from above (as their hands are already together) I told Todd to wrap her up in a big bear hug and I told Kate to squeeze herself into him. As they embraced I told them to gently sway and love up on one another.

I loved this photo so much that I gave them two different versions. One farther out and one cropped in really close. #twoforone

winter engagement session

3. Hold hands and walk

Another simple walking pose—but this time hip to hip. I told them to hold hands and I asked Kate to squish into him (mostly for warmth because BERTA). I asked Todd to put his other hand in his pocket and for them to walk towards me but not to break eye contact with one another while doing so.

winter engagement session

4. Foreheads together

This prompt was super easy and it’s awesome because each couple brings a different look to the pose. I told them to put their foreheads together and close their eyes. Simply syncing up their breath together. I asked Todd to use his thumb to rub Kates cheek and just be together, calm and quiet.

And there you have it! Pose away!

  1. This was the BEST read I’ve laid eyes on in a while! Thank you for this, so refreshing!

  2. excellent tips, thank you

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